Crucibles are the first step on your way to being a Thaumaturgist. They are used to convert Raw Matter (depending on its value) into Vis. There are 3 types of Crucible, which will be explored in this topic.

Vis CrucibleEdit

This is the first step to understanding Thaumcraft. The Crucible is used to convert Matter into Vis.

The Crucible is crafted as shown:

Vis Crucible

It requires:

-4 Stone Blocks

-1 Furnace

-1 Ender Pearl

Like most Crucibles, it creates Vis' depending on the rarity of the items dropped in, and will usually spit out items that have too little of a value. Thaumcraft is compatible with many Forge Mods, so some items from mods may also work. There is a limit to the crucible, and it may overflow. If that happens, the result can be anywhere from a minor nuisance to a full blown disaster

Crucible of EyesEdit

This is the next part of creating Vis. The Crucible of Eyes (like the Vis Crucible) is capable of creating Liquid Vis out of Raw Matter. It can also overflow, but it has a few nifty little features. It can hold slightly more than the regular Vis Crucible and creates a Redstone Current when it is 90% full.

Crucible of Eyes

It requires:

-4 Iron Ingots

-1 Vis Crystal

-1 Seeing Symbol

-1 Vis Crucible

You can create many different types of machines using this ability. An example is:

MineBot's original Vis Machine.

Vis Machine
It begins with dispenser over your Crucible with a Block in front of it so the dispenser doesn't miss. Fill the dispenser with some artifacts
Vis Machine 1

Next we attach the Dispenser to a clock. It has only been tested like this but with a few minor variations it should still work (If this is incorrect plz edit)

Vis Machine 2

It Consists of:

-4 Repeaters

-1 Redstone

-1 Redstone Torch

-4 Blocks

Place a piece of wire next to any of the blocks (in my case, the bottom right block) and connect it to the dispenser.

Next we create the clock stopper. If you didn't know already, any block that has a piece of activated redstone touching it (doesn't have to be on it) can be used to activate pistons, or take off torches. As you will see, in this machine when the Crucible of Eyes is under 90% it will keep filling itself, however after 90% it will turn off.

Vis Machine 3
Vis Machine 4

Then connect the torch to an inverter (make sure the redstone from the clock and the inverter don't meet).

Vis Machine 5

To finish it off, connect the redstone to the Clock (I connected it to the block with the Torch), using a repeater.

Vis Machine 6

(Note: This Machine doesn't stop overflowing, it just lowers it chances. It depends on the items put into the dispenser, or the timings of the clock)

The good part about this is that it can easily be hidden behind a wall. If possible, raise the dispenser and extra block up a level, as sometimes the extra block can get in the way when you walk past the Crucible.

Vis Machine 7

(This machine only works with the Crucible of Eyes and the Thaumium Crucible)

If you have any suggestions or new designs for a machine like this, please post it in the Comments or Community page.

Thaumium CrucibleEdit

The Thaumium Crucible is the Final part of creating Liquid Vis from Raw Matter. It can hold slightly more Vis than the Crucible of Eye, and also emits a redstone signal upon filling 90% of its capacity. The speciality of this Crucible is that it can hold an infinite amount of vis without overflowing. This renders the above machine useless .

Thaumium Crucible

It requires:

-4 Thaumium Ingots

-2 Solidified Vis

-1 Crucible of Eyes

For now these are all the Crucibles, however master Thaumaturge Azanor is always updating the mod and hopefully we might see some more Crucibles in the Future. These Crucibles are the only way of turning matter into Vis, however there are more ways of creating Vis, as you will see in other pages.