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Infernal Furnace The Infernal Furnace is a 3x3 block furnace that will cook food,ingots,etc in just a couple of seconds. There is a chance that it will drop nuggets of the thing you have smelted. It is made with 12 obsidian, 12 nether brick, 1 lava, and 1 iron bar. It is just below the wands I. The Thauminomicom. It will spit out the smelted item out of the iron bars.You also can add arcane belows.

goods and well... thundersEdit

The infernal furnace will cook items really fast with the cost of some vis,but,as said in the thaumonomicon the magic holding the blaze is unstable so some flux will come out in the shape of a thunder so i suggest to put it in the nether or in a safe place if you don't want to get your things vaporized